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MAYOR GARNER ST. JOHN first burst upon the national political scene during the 2008 election. An ex-local television personality and failed real estate developer, he had always run unopposed, but that year his corruption-plagued administration was being challenged for the first time.

The idea was to create the website of a small town mayor running for re-election, and to mirror what was happening in national politics. In addition to web content telling the back story and development of the characters, we created webisodes in the form of low-budget “Weekly Video Updates” from the campaign. There was also a parallel attack site run by the Mayor's ex-wife.

The site achieved cult status from fans of character-driven comedies and political junkies.  It was highlighted on Los Angeles Times’ Funny Pages 2.0, and was nominated Best Web Series by the Producers Guild of America.

Later, the Mayor produced a talk show in his advisor Danforth Quinn's living room, the short-lived GARNER ST. JOHN'S ALL-AMERICAN #1 SHOW! (which won a Telly Award for Online Political Video), and he tends to resurface during election cycles. He sat back during 2016 and watched as a failed businessman/TV personality talked his way into the presidency. Garner feels vindicated.

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2012  Viral Videos w/Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper


Updates From the 2008 Campaign

Garner St. John's All-American #1 Show!

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